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My children never cease to amaze me. If I could bottle up all the inquiry that young children have, their excitement for learning, and creativity, then let it loose amongst older children and adults- what an amazing mind shift that would be. I've read that children ask anywhere from 70 to approximately 300 questions a day.  If you believe those statistics, then you probably have interacted with two to five your olds!

Right now, my five year old daughter is still excited about learning. It seems that each day she has another surprise in store.  The other night before bed,  she began naming the first 16 presidents of the United States, as well as 44 and 45. What made this interesting is that I remember teaching the presidents to my eighth grade students. Things change by the time children get to middle school- but, that's for another time.  

I asked my daughter how she remembered them? She said,  "They're right here on my board." I look at the ground to where she's pointing and all I see is carpet. So I ask, "Right where? What are you talking about?"

Rolling her eyes, she says, "MOMMM, that's where they are on my board at school." It was then that I realized she was visualizing a poster at her school that showed each president. Makes sense, she is primarily a visual learner at this point in her development 

From asking what time it is, reciting the months of the year, and counting all in Spanish to changing from roller skates to roller blades just to see the difference, she exudes confidence in her curiosity and risk-taking. She's not obligated to any rules for learning.  That's one reason her painting in the image above, is not by the book.  We attended a family paint night and as the instructor guided us to completing our painting, my daughter decided that she wanted to do something different. Her creation: a snowman that's full of love!

For me, she's ignited a fire for the adventures that still exists around us, if we'd just ask more questions or take more risk to learn something new.  As adults, what would happen if we asked as many thought provoking questions as children ask?   What creativity and adventure could be before us?  Take your time to think about it.  I'll wait!


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