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Yesterday, I had to have a root canal. Not only did I need a root canal, but one of my teeth was cracked so I needed it crowned. Now, I'm an avid brusher. I have to be as I'm being watched by my two little ones.  The last thing I expected to be told was that my teeth had issues. 

Here's the thing. I was experiencing quite a bit of anxiety about the root canal since my husband and sister scared me, describing the pain I would be in.  But, prior to my appointment, I happened to watch TD Jakes speak on preparation. He said that we should prepare our foundations and ensure that they are strong or else all the beauty above it will crumble.  Hmmm.  Was he talking about my teeth? As I headed out, I began to think about what changed and what was missing from my dental routine. 

I realized that between unexpectedly losing my mother, moving from Virginia to Florida, working on my doctorate, and then moving to Texas to start a new job, that I had not seen a dentist in four years. FOUR YEARS!  This revelation bothered me because I had always been very disciplined about my dental health, with cleanings at least every six months.  It was clear that I lost focus, allowing everything else to take priority over my health. 

Before I turned off the TV to leave, TD Jakes dropped a one liner on me.  He said, "Don't take discipline out of the process." 

I'm sure you know this is more than about teeth, but I do want to take the time to shout out Dr. G and his team at Trusted Dental Care https://www.trusteddentalcare.com  for helping me to get my dental health back on track.  

So, who do you need to help you maintain discipline in your processes?  


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