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Science tells us that it is human nature to focus on the bad rather than the good.  This concept, referred to as the negativity bias, also known as the negativity effect is the notion that even when of equal intensity, things of a negative nature (e.g., unpleasant thought, emotions, or social interactions; harmful/ traumatic events) have a more significant effect on one's psychological state, and processes, than that of neutral or positive things.  Some time ago I read an article by Ms. Karen Young, titled " What You Focus on Is What Becomes Powerful."  In the article she goes on to discuss the concept of how experience changes the brain.  That our brains are designed to be malleable and plastic, open to our influence, constantly shaping itself for us through everything we see, feel, experience, sense and do.  As a parent to two impresionable little ones, ages 3 & 5, I strive to impress upon them to find the good in every day.  It is why each day I require of them to point out at least one thing about the day, and one new thing they learned.  This simple method of challenging them to find the good, enables my children to, as Ms. Young said in her article, "notice the good, respond to the bad and move forward, rather than stay stuck," and learn from each experience.  Imagine the impact of such an ability from childhood to adulthood.  My children are sure to be more aware of the unconscious influences within their mind, the beliefs that shape their thinking, and to find, in each experience, a lesson in a world of infinite possibilities, created by an infinite God. What an opportunity for them to access their infinite potential. I challenge you as parents to help your children find the good, and learn from every situation.


March 21, 2019

Zorisha V. Barnes, MBA  


Quality Training, Coaching, Systems Design


  • Mar 22, 2019

  • I love the way you used research and your personal experience to support your message. Sometimes it's hard to find the good when there's so much overstimulating adults and children. I respect your intentional effort to help your children to focus on the positive. We draw in, what we out out-in many cases.

    Mar 22, 2019

  • Mar 22, 2019

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