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No one would ever expect this. It must have felt  like love a lot first sight, almost Cinderella. She was sitting on the chair reading a book alone. Wearing a rose gold rain coat with black buckled boots. Her beautiful golden hair waved in the air following the trail of the wind. James went and sat on the other side of the bench seat, slightly turning his head to glimpse her face concentrating on the book in her hands. It was a cold winters morning and the sun wasn't  even out and shining to make the world happy. All he could see that she was that golden ray of sunshine that he hadn't found in years. He noticed that she was glimpsing back at him pretending to read her book. James decided to make a move.

      'um hi sorry if this is awkward but what is your name,? He asked rubbing his hands together.

       'um hi yes this is awkward and my name is Anabelle,'

They both sat their in silence for a moment waiting for each other to start the conversation.

       'you don't talk much do you?'she said smiling looking down at her book

      'oh, I talk just not to girls,' he replied with a shy little smile on his face.

She sat their and did a small giggle and looked at him in his hazel eyes

      'then why are you talking to me?' she asked.

James looked back at her 

      'i don't know,' he smiles back at her.

James slide closer to her hoping she wouldn't notice. Annabelle seemed to not notice, but she never said anything. Her blue eyes looked into the distance for a moment.

      'are you going to sit here and be a awkward teenage boy, or come across the street and get a coffee with me?'

James thought he would be Chesky about this question.

      'i don't know maybe sit here and be an awkward teenage boy,' he said sarcastically. Annabelle laughed at him and walked into the cafe, James followed soon after being drawn in by her long golden blonde hair. She looked at him through the window smiling as he walked through the glass door. They sat on a table that was against the window, so they could watch the snow fall in the park. They both stared into each other's eyes both thinking the same thing. 'i wonder how far this will go cause I have found the sunshine.


  • Trinity Darby

    Trinity Darby

    let me know if it doesnt show the entire story cause i will write the ending separately 💕💕

    Mar 21, 2019

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