Deadpool Story: The World Every Changes Vol.1 Read Count : 21

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure

Chapter 7: the leader of the groups of crime 

The police find information about the leader groups of crime, the location of there place. The groups of crime hide a lot of money in their place. Deadpool still follows them to the place, the police do not know about Deadpool following the groups of crime. The groups of crime they do not know someone follows. The iron man still fighting the groups of crime in their car because of the iron man following to then the place with Deadpool. The iron man stops them with his power to helps the people on the bus to escape from the groups of crime. Deadpool fighting the groups of crime on the bus to help other people on the bus. Deadpool stops the fight with the groups of crime because of Deadpool want to talk with someone from the groups of crime, the guy says his leader does not show his faces, because he doesn't like showing his faces to his people.  Deadpool " says to the guy where the place your boss live? The guy says" I am not showing you, my boss, because I am not a snitch to my boss. The police came to the scene to what happens in there, but the police came to the bus they Deadpool on the bus. The policeman came to Deadpool put your hands up to the sky because you are an arrest because of you, not a cop one of us. Deadpool "says I am a hero from average. The end of chapter 7. 


  • this story is fun every did before.

    Mar 20, 2019

  • great

    Mar 20, 2019

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