Deadpool Story: The World Every Change Volume 1 Read Count : 1

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure

Chapter 6: the mission is to meet the average of the hero.

Deadpool thinks meeting average in secret place. Outside the city of New York. The building calls average heroes. One minute ago crime scene the police called for help to stop the crime from run the cops. The groups of crime attacking a bank in New York City. Deadpool went for the fight against the groups of crime, but they kidnap some people from the banks. Deadpool thinks to call the average for help to stops the kidnaps from the run a way out from Deadpool. Deadpool his mission is to stops the groups of crime from the runaway from the cops and average. A lot of the groups of crime they kidnap innocent people then they break the banks and they steal the money from the banks. An iron man comes to help Deadpool from the groups of crime. The police have a lot of case from the groups of crime. Deadpool wants to help the police from this the organization to clean out from the street in New York City. Chapter 6 end here.


  • this story most to the ends.

    Mar 20, 2019

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