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Sometimes I think I do things that aren't supposed to be capable of the human mind. I'm sure many people think that if they aren't at peace with themselves. I know I'm not happy with myself. I feel many emotions at one time,it almost seems like to many, making me crazy. I can be happy, lustful, angry, sad, and excited at the same time. I am just full of emotion and I don't really know how to deal. I try but eventually my bundled up emotions get out of control. I try different tactics but they all end in failure. I feel like I need mental help but my mom says I'm lying to myself and I'm creating my own illness. Crazy to think about. Your calling yourself crazy wich makes you crazy and that means your even more crazy and in some sane way this sentence makes sense. "Your just being irrational" "where's your sense of rationality?" I'm irrational apparently, though the mind is irrational with out guidance. My sense of rationality is nonsense because I have no guidance because that "makes sense" and "sounds sane". If your reading this and your confused that's just a taste of my brain. My icky nonsense. A dime size chunk. Hah. There goes another piece of me-jk. I wonder how many cells are in a dime size chunk of brain. I'll probably look that up on Google after this. Any way my brain is just hopping from one place to another as usual. I don't have writers block, never will. I have too much to think about and honestly I could go on all day. I wonder why i am so different and at this point whatever random thing comes to mind I'm saying. If your reading this I also wonder if you find my thoughts entertaining. You must if you rate this to be at least two and a half stars otherwise your waiting you'd time reading something you don't like. My word choice of you and your has me thinking about essays. I don't like essays. I used to like language arts when I was younger. We had free writes but now its really...  boring. I love to write I just really don't like essays. It's informal to use you and your but if your really trying to make a point it makes sense to me to draw the reader into the scenario and I'm sure when you were young and in school you felt the same way. See what I did there? Now you feel involved and I got my point across because it's a common opinion. Hah informal my butt. At this point I have written, well typed exactly 453 words. Crazy how many words you can read in such little time. If only we could make that amount of money that quickly, that would be great. I'm sure there are some people who are making money like that but me.... no I'm middle class. Not fortunate but not poor. Not living, surviving. I wanna make a book so good that I'll have money so I can live not just barely make it. And if I'm this young drawing people in, if it works, if people like me, my dream might be possible. If I could pick one dream I ever had to be a reality that would be the one. I wanna do better than my parents, don't all middle class people do? I like to think so. So we can have a better next generation. But by the looks of some of the kids around me it doesn't really look to good. I wanna make a change but how am I this one person supposed to do such great things. Have faith I guess. And try to make sense out of my nonsense. Wish me good luck


  • General kind human Cranfill

    General Kind Human Cranfill

    hahah yes i drew that picture

    Mar 20, 2019

  • Good luck!

    Mar 20, 2019

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