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I stare down the hall.. The very long dark hall. The hall is so dark, that black becomes darker. I close my room door slowly, hoping it would not let out a creek. I successfully manage to close my door. I slowly walk back to my bed. Before I could even put a hand on my bed, the doorknob started turning. I quickly ran to the closet. I was safe in my closet. I was safe because I kept a jar of hope inside it at all times. I saw the beast. He stumbled over to my bed searching for me. He did not find me. He has no hope. I will get out of this house. I will because I do.. I do have hope.


  • Please enjoy this story!

    Apr 12, 2019

  • William Cole

    William Cole

    Awesome read!! Loved it!

    Apr 12, 2019

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