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Waking up each day

Preparing for the flight

So worried not to lose my grip

So tired of the fight

Holding on with such fear

So tight that I need to calm down

So I loosen my grip to see the sights

Just for a moment I look at the ground

Such splendor all around me

So much to see and do

I forget about my journey

Now my grip on higher sights is gone

Iv'e fallen very low

I look up to where I was before

but I'm too tired to give it a go

But how I yearn to be back to where I was before

Although I can't see ...it's not clear

I remember how I felt while there

My strength layered with fear

It's too hard to make the climb again

So much easier to stay down

I can see the sights up close now

I see the good in staying down

Yet the longer I stay here

very low to the ground

I have a constant nagging feeling

that I will surely drown

I can't choose to stay in one place

The laws of gravity push down

and if I don't actively climb

I will surely drown

So, how do I do this?

I'm tired and out of strength

Everytime I make the climb

I fall back to this place

Before I held on with all my strength

I grasped with all my might

But it seems that the tighter I held on

the more quickly I would lose my fight

What's the answer?

How can I stay high?

How do I keep from slipping

to the bottom and to my demise?

I want to keep climbing

I do...I really do!

But I don't know how to stay above

To keep the climbing new

I want to climb without the fear

I want to feel so free

I want to climb without the stress

without all the strife and worry

I want to enjoy the climb

See the sights, but without looking down

I want to climb towards the King

I want to reach the crown

So please tell me what to do

Help me with this struggle called life

I'm tired of the constant ups and downs

I'm tired of the strife.


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    Apr 12, 2019

  • Apr 17, 2019

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