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So There was summer on June 11th 2016 So they were theses boys and girls on summer break The Boys name were Caleb Ethan Donald Travon Daniel Droid and Elijah and Caleb's girl was Aubrey ,Travon girl was Maya,Ethan girl Chelsea, Elijah girl Kiki, Driod Girl Kaitlyn and Donald's was Sophia and Daniel was to young and he was Aubrey and Maya cousin so it sunny outside they playing with water guns it is boys vs girls and soon the sun going to go down so the girls win then it Is night time so everyone took showers and the girls fixing the boys something to eat so the girls go outside to get something and the boys hanging out talking and watching TV and Ethan ask Caleb you and Aubrey bang yet and Caleb said shut up and Travon said yea  Doggy style everyone laugh then Caleb Gets up and looks out the window and said guys everyone said what theres these boys out there with our girls and have them on there knees with guns to there heads and Donald said how many boys and caleb said like 15 of them so the boys went outside and said wait wait and the enemy said well well these must be the boys and caleb said yes what you want from us the enemy said nothing then caleb said then why yall here then with guns at our girls heads the enemy said oh that well all yall boys go get on yall needs over there and caleb said why we didnt do nothing then the enemy pointed the gun at Caleb's head and said now and then Droid said come caleb we have to and then all the boys got on there knees and the enemy said oh my name is Thomas I'm the leader and caleb said ok Thomas what do you need from us and Thomas nothing but you will see right now then all of Thomas men shot all of the girls and the boys said noooooo!!!!!! What the fuck nooo and Thomas told Caleb that is what we want from yall Then Thomas and his men left in cars and then all the boys were crying and then had to bary there girlfriends body under ground and then Travon said what now and caleb said tomorrow we get Revenge and the boys said hell yea so then they went to sleep and then it was June 12th 2016 so Caleb told them look if all of us die them we all die together because we doing this for our girls so then they all got on there bikes and ridding with guns with them so then they coming up where Thomas base is them they park there bikes and have there gunns ready and caleb said 3 2 1 and go now!!! So they in they killing a lot of Thomas men but Thomas has like 200 men at his base so then they keep moving but they a men with a gun caleb said get down then the men shoots Droid in the head and Droid fell on the ground and died and Caleb said nooooo!!! Droid and Travon and Ethan said we have to keep moving then they keep moving and shooting then a bomb comes up and blast so the boys keeping moving but not Donald and Ethan said wait we can't leave Donald Behind and Donald said go Ethan and yall go go and Ethan said what nooo then Donald drops his guns and gets shot at 5 times and he dies and Ethan said nooo Donald and caleb said we have to keep moving Ethan then they moving and moving and Caleb said we to kill Thomas and leave and Travon said Caleb we dont have time we need to leave now before we lost more of us and caleb said no we kill Thomas and all of his men we go down fighting and they keep moving there like 50 men coming down that way so Elijah moves up going up the stairs and travon goes with them and caleb following then Caleb's turns around and sees Ethan and Daniel shooting the 50 of them and caleb said yall let's go we need to keep moving and Ethan said go Daniel and Daniel said no I'm not leaving remember what caleb said we go down fighting together then there a big like 6'6 coming at Ethan and Daniel from behind them then Caleb says ETHAN DANIEL BEHIND YOU!!!!!! Then Ethan looks he gets stabbed then Daniel does to then he picks up Ethan and Daniel and breaks both of there necks and they both died and caleb said noo and travon said let's go caleb then Elijah said there a way out over there I think there a boat we can get out there and Caleb said no we fighting and travon said no we lost 4 of us so then Elijah jumped over and said hurry and then travon jumped and said caleb come on hurry I'll catch you then Thomas and his men said there they are then they shooting at them and travon said caleb now then caleb jumps the thing broke but travon gots Caleb's hand then travon looks at caleb a gun shot hit caleb in the back the travon sees Blood comes out Caleb's nose and mouth and then caleb slipping down and travon says caleb nooo your slipping then caleb slips out of Travons hand then he falls threw a roof top all the way to the bottom and travon says nooooooo!!!!! CALEB!!!!!! and then Elijah said we need to go now there coming it to late to save him then travon says in his head caleb no no fuck then Elijah and travon running Thomas men chasing them then they let out 5 dogs to chase them down and travon umm thers dogs after us and then Elijah said just keep running and then travon steps in a bear trap on his left leg and Elijah said noo no fuck come on and travon said just go and Elijah said no I'm not leaving you and then travon said gooood nowww and then Elijah ran off and then the dogs ate travon his Arms Legs and Face and Elijah was the only one left and he sees the way out then he jumps of a water fall cliff and then sees the  Machine guns locked on his body a laster to and he says oh fuck then they shooting him while he is in the air then he falls into the water and floats back up but he is dead then Thomas men come in a boat and pick up his dead body and then Thomas said I told them not to come well none of them lived and Thomas yep well good job if anyone else comes to that house kill them and the men said got it boss then they burned there bodys on fire then 3 months later another family moved in and then someone knocks on the door and the dad goes to open and and says who are you and the person says my name is Thomas.  

The End 

By Caleb Chauppetta


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