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     When I first started writing for my one consciousness I was 12. Dad wasn't ok in the head and around the house was rough to say the least. I then had to learn to not blow up when something he said got to me because that made it worse. So instead I wrote advice on sheets of paper and his them in a box under my bed. Whatever I wanted to scream about our loud went into a letter addressed to someone who mattered in relation to me but without mention of name. They were found and were thrown away along time ago. Don't even remember how many there were or what was on them. I would have written on something else but couldn't think of anything.

       Just something I remembered while making a sample writing in attempt to become part of yearbook staff for next year, wish me luck!

        One poem and one 100-200 word article is my goal every other day. So I don't forget.(:


  • Apr 12, 2019

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