Oh, My World. Read Count : 33

Category : Poems

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Every single droplet heard

Falling onto your room's hard roof

Emptying the atmosphere of noise

Filling it with an ambiance of thought

Every crack of the fire's blaze

Warming your room's paranormal

Echoing heat until it touches your skin

Wandering inside your unmeetable soul

Every chord on the piano's keys

Interrupting your room's unaffection

Ending the voices of dissonant tones

Inclining its ear to the resonant cries

Every buzz of an oddly selected machine

Drying and washing your room's filth

Eating away the vanity of monotony

Dictating its place amongst the swarm

Every single noise a part of my world

Falling onto and warming the meditatist's room

Ending, eating, emphasising my ruins

Filling it with an ambiance of thought


  • nyrdybyrd


    Well done.

    Apr 11, 2019

  • Apr 12, 2019

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