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   Before I list these next poems for "Looking Through a Child's Eyes" I would like to a dress a problem on the app which has been ruffling some feathers. Recently, I noticed that there have been a few complaints from members on Facebook that someone in the app is promoting other people's work without their permission. Not only this, but someone has also been copying other people's working putting their name on it. Either way, this is plagiarism and inappropriate misuse of an author's work. As you know, I have talked about plagiarism before and the severity both emotionally and financially to the author's behalf. If you are going to do work, please do original work unless you are giving proper credit and have permission from the author themselves. If you want to share something, you should always ask the author's permission. Some things that may be released on the app, maybe more private than what they would like to spread worldwide.

   Writing is a special gift, and everyone has their own style and ideas. It's okay to try to implement new styles and thoughts with your work. But if you are copying someone's work, it is not your work. Do not disregard this message, because these members are getting angry about it. If they find out who you are, they can and will come with legal challenges against you. If you need help, simply ask some of the more experienced writers for guidance. Don't take someone else's work, and pretend it's your own. I'm sure Jared would agree, there is no place for people who take credit for someone else's work. If someone tells you now, you should respect it because there might be a deeper meaning or an important reason why they may not want you to release something. It could be about financial reasons as well, or keeping other people from stealing their work. Please keep writers outlet for the writer and not to use for just getting someone's attention because you like something. Most of us are grateful that you like our work, but remember every writer's work is sacred. We put a little piece of ourselves in everything we create. By trying to sell someone else's work, you're trying to sell a part of another person.


  • Apr 11, 2019

  • Apr 12, 2019

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