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After all these selfish years. 

The damn girl's were always rewarded. 

Rewarded for their negative behavior.  

Mommy gave them everythang. 

Gave them candy when they were bad.  No discipline. 

Letting her walk around,  acting like  a slut. 

I wish that the good kid's would have got rewarded and the bad kids have their ass beat. 

She got everything she wanted,  and going in people's home's and breaking shit. 

Writing on bathroom mirrors. 

She would destroy people stuff,  all because her mommy rewarded her bad behavior. 

I wish parents would discipline your damn kid's. 

Why the hell don't they beat their ass for negative behavior. 

Instead they'll punish a child that is good,  but give the little slut everything. 

Stop rewarding negative behavior 


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    Apr 12, 2019

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