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The police would make her stop 

I need to heal,  I can't tell if she's still hurting me. 

I'm really injured. 

I don't know what's wrong with me,  because I feel her laughter,  and I swear she is tormenting the hell out of me. 

I am gonna end up killing myself 

I spent my entire life having to have her in my own families home,  which isn't fair for me. 

Because she goes through my family,  to get to me. 

I'm going to kill myself one of these day's. 

Or I'm going to seriously hurt her if she comes around on our property again. 

I am so sick of this shit. 

I wish she would fuck off people. 

I'm so tired.  And I wanna heal. 

I just wanna fucking breathe. 

I didn't do shit to her. 

She's fucking crazy.  

And she laughs at shit that not even funny. 

I just wanna kill her.  I'm so tired of cutting,  and overdosing on diet pill's.  I too three diet pills and I can't stoo shaking. 

I'm so tired of her. 

I hope this little message here will teach people to grow up. 

Stop fucking with people lives. 

Leave people the hell alone.  

Stay out of their home's,  away from their families. 

I'm tired of killing myself. 

I wanna breathe. I wish I haven't came back to my own town. 

But I couldn't escape this poisonous memory. 

I'm tired of screaming,  crying,  cutting,  then she laughing bout me killing myself 

I'm tired of her asking about me,  getting her little answer's then making sure that I know that my family talks shit about me. 

My damn heart hurts,  and my head is swollen. 

I'm so tired,  I wanna live,  but I know I'm gonna die. 

I can see  a piece of my brain,  or something out of my forehead. 

I'm so frustrated,  I am self harming,  hurting myself. 

I'm killing myself, and I am injured. 

I wanna be heard,  that someone's hurting me. 

I wanna heal,  I'm so tired of her threatening me if I tell anyone,  please help me. 

Please make it stop,  I have all her hate just thrown all over my fucking chest. 

Please I wanna scream and cry I'm so tired of her help me. 

I feel like I'm gonna fucking blow in my brain. 

Please come hold me,  my head hurt's.  

She act's ridiculous,  noone did anything to her,  she's such a bitch. 

She such a stupid little fucking bitch. 

I'm so sick of their hate,  their lie's and threats. 

Tries to control me and my family like we're her hostage. 

Please help me,  I can't stop crying,  and I am so tired I am bou to swallow more pills to kill myself. 

Please help. 

I wanna die so bad,  I'm tired of the drama,  I'm tired of facebook.  Please help 

My head is so big   and hurts.  I wanna scream   I wanna cry. 

I wanna rub my blood in her stupid face   she'll be laughing with her slutty mother. 

I'm so angry.  Please help,  I wanna kill her. 

I am so tired of facebook  I wanna die. 

I'm so sick of her hate,  my head hurts. 

She was so so negative,  my head hurts.  Please rub my head. 

Now I can't stop being negative and mimicking and mocking her stupid act's. 

I'm so sick of her,  please help me move on,  bring peace to my soul. 

I need something cold for my head. 

🤕 💔

Please make her hate,  her shit go the fuck away. 


  • 💕

    Apr 11, 2019

  • Is she and you are from the same family.

    Apr 12, 2019

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