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To much drama,  can drive someone insane. 

Causing them to loose their mind. 

Causing them to get really tired,  making them mimick,  mock,  and pull themselves away from negativity. 

It gets tiring,  suicidal,  ruins their appetite. 

Causing someone to need help. 

Yeah I think after being around someone like that,  we're all gonna need some help. 

Because I tried really hard to maintain myself. 

I deactivated my facebook,  I done just bout all that I can. 

I'm trying to heal,  I am struggling right now with brain injury. 

I admit I need professional help,  I been messed up. 

I been abused,  manipulated,  bullied,  and I am just about done with life. 

I overdosed on diet pill's,  trying to commit suicide. 

I can't stop shaking. I been hurting myself,  cutting my wrist. 

I am so tired of the damn hate,  I now need some professional help. 

They need to stop allowing facebook to be up. 

Because people take advantage of people there. 

Post their drama,  and their shit to hurt others. 

They are the problem. 

Social media is fake,  full of so much hate. 

It really does need to be removed. 

The state should investigate. 

Take everyone shit and investigate.  Because after how I am being treated just ain't right. 

I deserve justice. And that app ruined my life. 

Putting shit up about a mentally ill person that can't help herself,  and making fun of me for being ill. 

She's even a nurse. 

Yet they hate their job,  but they don't have to do what they hate. 

I am suspicious that she could be be a threat to her patient. 

After all the shit she done gone said about me,  and the things she stole   and how she continues to lie and harrass me. 

It is a threat to my health. 

I'm so tired of feeling threatened to post,  so I just left facebook for that looser. 

I am so sick of her shit.  I really am. 

I have anxiety,  bipolar,  depression,  I get suicidal which sucks. 

And she acts like she knows me. 

It's funny because yet behind my back she's telling people shit,  bout oh how sick she really is,  but she affecting my health to the point I feel threathen and abused by this bitch. 


  • Apr 11, 2019

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