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Yet she was the moon. 


 She was the moon in the skylight. 

She was drawn to the dark. 

She was a angel,  but drawn to the night sky. 

She was like a mist owl,  she was up all night. 

She was nicknamed moon,  she has a loudly spirit. 

She speaks several tongue's,  but she is the light to truth. 

Though she's a mess,  she is a savior, a key,  a answer. 

She holds a fortune that noone else could hold. 

She is a storm,  a story. 

Though she's a mess,  her illness is still the answer,  it is God's given gift. 

She is one night a demon,  then the nexts night herself. 

She is yet the heavy rain,  and yet the girl that wails for her God. 

She may be a mess, but she can turn a disaster into something really beautiful. 

She is the girl who screamed out for God to help her. 

She is the one girl who let her voice be heard,  she is Air. 

The light,  the lion of God,  spirit of several tongue's. 

Her nicknames are Air,  earth,  Sun, Moon, Sky. 

She is a warrior,  a soldier,  and she put up a fight. 


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    Apr 12, 2019

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