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I'm so tired of stupid people. 

They ruin life,  they make it no fun. 

They forever lie,  steal,  and they always gotta put other people down. 

They are a piece of  garbage. 

They ruin the society,  they are the problem,  they can't blame their own action's. 

They are just poor in happiness, so they always try to make it look like someone else is the problem. 

When really their the problem. 

They are crazy,  trying to manipulate,  pointing dirty finger's in people's face,  can't blame their own negative behavior. 

They'll try to be in control,  and turn everyone against each other. 

They are always jealous, they will believe in their own snotty lie's. 

When their the one's that need help 

Their so negative,  and can't take a joke. 

They'll cry when you make a little joke,  and take things very seriously. 

I hate stupid negative little fucking cunt's. 

When they make a mess they can't even clean after their pig self. 

Such a slog,  couldn't apologize for being such a fucking bitch. 

This is the behavior of a narcissistic bitch,  they need help,  need to stop lying,  and living in  world of false allegations. 


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