Fox Mimicks A Chicken 🙃 Read Count : 22

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Comedy

Watches closely. 

Watches the chicken Peck's the ground. 

Starts trying to peck the ground like the chicken. 

Peck peck. 

Watches the chicken closely.  

*Pierce's eye's *

Pays close attention. 

Starts copying and learning. 

Watches chicken lays on her egg's.  

Goes to lay on the other chickens egg's. 

Mom chicken comes in and chases me out you'll never be  a chicken crazy fox 🦊💓

Run and cries you'll never catch me beshes.  

Hair stands up on back and hisses like the cat hisses. 

Chicken wraps it's arm around my leg and peck's my leg and chases me. 

Starts walking like a horse. I is a horse now beshes 💓💓💓


Jumps in the river, 

 now I is  a fish beshes.  

Splashes like the fishes 🐠 💓

It's moon beshes!



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