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I can end it. As fast as I started it. An easy step plan.

Grab a knife, the target is running. A murder will happen, a homicide, so quick, so slick no one knows you did it. But how you did it. A quiet kill.

You smiled, a chuckle escaped and now your on the run from the cops. You run and run, death by the bullet that took out the man you killed. The homicide is on you.

Life is coming now. Jailed for the story you fabricated on, now you are sent to hell. As you pass Satan and God,

"Fuck you two... Satan, you kill things that don't believe in you, call yourself a mighty deity; pathetic! And as for you, God, you killed so many people who believe in you. Its the person, you, just different ways. Can you not handle multiple gods other than you? What am I saying, I don't believe in no super being. You two fucked my life up."

You did it. I did it in fact. Told the big man himself to screw it. Wow, felt good right. Oh wait though, now it'll be war in the comments, saying I shouldn't have said that; endless bickering, useless. I don't give an ass about it. Waist of energy and time. Space, send me a message if you want to go one on one. Give me a fucking break. Following words of a dead man who mentioned it over 100,000 years ago.

Now you're hated everywhere, because so many people share things on other social media apps, and its over with for your chance to achieve your dreams. Now your venting is over, wake up in the morning and shit be rolling in now. Goodnight.


  • I love murder

    Apr 11, 2019

  • i may be a little religous but that really goes to heart i love your stuff

    May 23, 2019

  • Jun 28, 2019

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