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Stay away from negative people 

Place yourself by yourself so you can heal 

Stress and anxiety can cause your brain to blow,  causing brain injury. 

Yeah,  and then you won't know how you're acting. 

Laughing to crying,  then acting ridiculous. 

Then they'll forever make fun of you for it. 

I wish the police would get involved. 

And they make them shut the hell up. 

I'm tired of the hate, soon my families gonna see me dead probably. 

And she's actually gonna be laughing. 

Told me that my brother said he hates me,  and she threathen me. 

I need to be put to sleep, and I now need professionals help,  please help me.  

Because this bitch made me lost my damn mind. 

I need to be put to sleep so they can find out what happened. 

I'm tired of there shit. 

I'm gonna be found dead soon,  I am serious. 

I wasn't joking,  nor was I lying. 

She thinks everything is funny. 

I wish someone could put her in her place. 

I really wish someone would.  

She got everything from her mother,  she is a selfish spoilt child.  Of fucking course she goes into people's home and take shit,  and does shit   and lie's. 

Then wanna start more shit. 

She can never blame her action. 

Her mom was stupid giving that little bitch everything,  letting her run all over acting like a fucking slut. 

And what do I get I'm not sorry. 

Stupid little cunt. 

Someone is gonna die,  I'm not playing. 


  • idk too dark for me

    Apr 11, 2019

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    Apr 12, 2019

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