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No, I haven't been smoking, stoned.

No, I haven't been drinking, drunk.

No, I haven't been using drugs, high.

Yes, rubbing my eyes, irritating.

Yes, tired, sleepless nights.

And yes, crying, pathetic.

I tried. But failed.

I couldn't do it, I stopped listening cause they don't work...

The advice of everyone, I tried.

I would go deeper into this, but I won't. I don't want to bore the people listening, reading this.

Red eyes, everywhere. In the mirror.

I look in the mirror, the red eyes looking back at me. The red eyes in you is worse than the ones in front of you on someone else telling you to leave.

The red eyes, they all you need.

"Mirror on the wall, here we are again. You've been my rise and fall, my only friend. You say they can understand us, so why are we here talking to each other...again..."

Red eyes, winning the battle.

Inside me, everyone.

Slapping me.

Pushing me.

Beating me.

Killing me.





Sorry, not sorry.

Red eyes.



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  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins


    Apr 19, 2019

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