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Because I'm a morid angel. 

I love blood,  love death,  love to plot murder. 

I love to live in  fantasy. 

Because I'm dark,  and narrow,  and I live with the demons. 

Because I'm so evil,  so demonic. 

I love living upside down. 

Thought that you could make a friend out of  me,  nope. 

I am dark and shy and deadly  

I'm not you're friend,  I hate people. 

I have a teddy bear and I  gave it a a name,  sometimes we'll fight. 

It is missing a eye   I cut teddy bear's eye out. 

I'm not sorry.  Teddy bear's missing a eye. 

We'll watch the dawn together,  and we'll watch the movies and make joke's. 

We will mark the people we hate,  and cross their pathetic name's out. 

Ew her name,  let  me just  mark her name. 


Let me go be mean. Let me cut up her dress. 

Rip up her little pecky love letter's she left. 

Let's burn them and hold hand's and kiss. 

She's forever dead,  then let's dream of how we'll kill this bitch. 

Together dream,  together we plot the secret murder. 

I killed in way too many ways. 

I killed her to many time's in my dream's. 

I'm not sorry,  at first I pushed her in front of that bus,  secondly I stabbed her too many time's  and third I set her body on fire till she was just ashes. 

Then we will take her to the beach and we'll let the wind blow her ashes away. 

I'm  a morid angel.  I am deadly. 


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