Innocent Murder 6 Killed A Bully Read Count : 20

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

Cause I plotted a murder. 

Here's the next part. 

When she thought that I fucking wanted her man. 

When she thought I wanted to join her fuck.  

Bitch you is a slut. 

You tried to force me,  and bitch you didn't get your luck. 

So bitch stop being such a  cunt. 

I'm been going dark. Been getting darker. 

Got so tired of the shit.  

Got tired of the baby talk. 

I'm finally a hero,  I killed a mess. 

I took her to the trash. 

I will now let Satan finish 

When a stupid person sits around thinking that she owns people, and then when the bitch gets stabbed. 

They not gonna find me,  bitch I'm long gone. 

You can't find me bitch,  I'm long gone,  took a passport and went long south. 

Went south,  where they won't find a route. 

And now I'm back on the road. 

I gotten so far out,  took a airplane outside of U. S. 

I crashed your car,  then I threw it off the bridge. 

Yep I made a mess. Shattered the glass. 

You're car can drown. And you can just frown. 

Frown dead ghoul. 


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