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I am so glad that I am not afraid. 

Not afraid  of what you fear, the blood bitch. 

I spent way to many years. 

To many years plotting this murder. 

You're soul will be gone,  and you will be left in hell for Satan to finish. 

Breathing no more,  no more little bitch. 

I'll go darker,  and I will go farther down the narrow Hall's. 

I will be so proud when You don't make a sound, yeah I am so proud that you not making a sound. 

Forever gone,  under the ground. 


I wanted to fuck over you're dead body. Wanted to fuck a man. 

But I don't have to worry,  big baby is gone. 

I wanted so  badly to get that chance,  that chance to strike. 

If I could have gone back,  back to that time,  when you started that fight. 

And if I could have killed you then. 

That day when you made those little lie's. 

I wanted to make you pronounce them to my face,  I so badly wanted to throw you down those steps. 

Bitch I wasn't suspended,  those rumors were so pathetic,  go cry to your brother,  go cry. 

If I could go back to that day when you tried to put your hand's on me and pop out my knife. 

And stab you to your blood splattered all over you and if I could have killed him to. 

Would have ended my pain,  ended this depression that you made. 

Bitch you're dead,  lost, and long gone. 


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