Innocent Murder 4 Kiled A Bully Read Count : 16

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

I lived a life,  a life shredding my own blood. 

I wanna go back in time,  back to when she first started her shit. 

I wanna go back in time and shred her,  wanna rip her face,  and yank her hair,  and cut her hair off with a razor. 

I wanna stab her,  like I stabbed her and let the blood splat everywhere. 

I don't wanna stop,  and I wanna take a permanent marker and write R. I. P  on her head. 

I'm not sorry that she is murdered. 

I'm not sorry that the bitch is dead. 

I am so proud of myself,  I hated school. 

I had blood all over my shirt,  all from that day I started cutting myself   and I still have some of my blood on my knife. 

My bathtub has blood from my wrist. It can't come out of my shirt. 

It's not my fault,  I didn't wanna cut myself no more,  I wanted to kill the bitch. 

I was not okay. 

I'm still not okay,  it won't ever be okay. 

You brought depression,  in my life,  had me crying and screaming,  and then went about with your lie's. 

So bitch I'm gonna find you in hell,  you'll be the first in hell,  that I stick to. 

I will forever chase you with a stick,  like you done. 

I will make sure Satan hurts you,  injures you 

I'll make sure you'll forever be touched and tormented,  you'll be chased by a whole bunch of female's. 

Know my pain. 

Go through my pain,  feel raped,  feel forced, feel what I felt bitch. 


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