Innocent Murder 3 Killing A Bully Read Count : 4

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

I remember her touching a guy,  to get back at me. 

I remember her calling me to watch. 

Oh I wanted to stab her eye's out,  then stab her face to it's gone. 

I wanted to then stomp on her and break her face. 

I hated her that much,  I wanted to kill them both. 

I wanted to shoot them both,  but I resisted. 

And I maintained myself. But I finally grew darker. 

I grew tall,  and I grew a fight. 

I had alot of fight within me. 

And I wanted to punched the bitch till her face and tooth broke,  I had so much anger building inside. 

I was tired of crying,  I was tired of being told no. 

And I wasn't playing with a bitch. 

I remember that first time she laid her hands on me,  and when she kept laying her hands on me. 

I wanted to kill her,  I remember trying to spun around and to punch her. 

I didn't want her molesting hand's on me. 

And so now that she's dead,  I am so proud of myself,  so proud of doing what was right. 

I finally showed the skills that I had. I just wanted to murder her so bad. 

I grew apart from all my friends and I cried my eye's out like a baby. 

Instead I could of killed her then,  broke her little heart. 

She would ranned to her brother,  big stupid baby. 

How much I hated her,  I'm not sorry. 

I plotted a murder on something that was so ugly. 

When when she grabbed my hair,  and when she yanked my hair I wanted so bad to hurt her. 

She thought that I was her dog. 

Well now you know you're dead to me. 

I felt like ripping her little letters she wrote pretending to be me,  and slashing it in her mouth. 

I wanted to paper cut her lips. 

That's how much anger she built. 


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