Innocent Murder 2 Killed A Bully Read Count : 3

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I'm deadly,  that's for sure. 

I'm deadly,  because I had to put up with some shit. 

I'm only just really tired,  I had enough of the bullshit. 

I done the best I could to maintain myself,  and I stayed to myself but she wouldn't stay to herself. 

So I did myself a favor,  I killed the bitch. 

I grew into darkness,  and I grew into hatred, because I had to set around the bitch. 

So I grew pale,  demonic, and so tired of her baby act's. 

I feel upside down,  I really do. 

I'm not sorry,  not sorry that I took out the trash. 

Not sorry that I spent year's plotting this murder. 

Not sorry that she wouldn't bug off. 

Let's began how this all happened shall we. 

Let's get to reality,  and what happened. 

Well here's what happened,  I grew tired of being treated like garbage. 

I did not wanna go to school,  I didn't feel safe,  I got in a huge fight. 

And It was a group of kids gathered around me. 

I had no choice,  I brought a knife. 

I couldn't stop myself,  I was surrounded in a circle of hate. 

She had so many people around me,  So I got a big long knife. 

I placed it in my pocket and I headed off to school. 

And as she got her circle of friend's around. 

I grew suspicious and I grew quiet,  and I prepared myself. 

I was plotting my murder,  I was furious,  and I was mad. 

She and the others were laughing,  started touching me,  pulling my hair,  yanking me. 

I needed to end her shit. 

And so I did that various day. 

I grew violent,  and out of control. 

I began screaming,  and I took my knife out,  and I began stabbing her to death. 

I couldn't stop myself after,  I didn't know what I was doing,  I felt like I was possessed. 

Like I wasn't the only one who was mad. 

So it was way so many stabs. 

I grew darker,  and as her blood splatted all over,  and the teacher ranned out pulling me off. 

I kept on stabbing as she tried to pull me away. 

I really didn't wanna stop stabbing her,  I really hated her. 

I still do hate her,  though she's dead and gone. 

I really hate you,  I really do. 


I am not sorry,  I killed you,  I tooked the trash out. 

And I knew you were gonna pay,  yeah you were gonna pay. 

So I broke your heart,  just like you broke my heart 💔

I stabbed you in you're heart, I broke your heart just like you done wrong. 

I knew you were gonna pay,  I wasn't playing. 

So I will still stab you in my dreams to. 

I'm forever stabbing you,  I am in a world full of fire. 

And I vacation there. It's a world of fire. 🔥 


Burn bitch,  burn. Let me throw you in the fire. 

I don't miss a bitch when I see one,  I don't love a bitch. 

I don't adore a bitch,  that's for fucking sure. 

She can forever burn,  I wanna watch her burn,  fuck a man as she burns. 

Lay naked in his bed. 

We will pleasure ourselves,  and we will forever hate a bitch to rust. 


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