Innocent Murder 1. Killed A Bully Read Count : 22

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I couldn't help myself. 

I couldn't stop myself,  I got so tired. 

I was so tired of their shit,  and when I started to defend myself,  I couldn't stop myself. 

I beganned stabbing her,  and I kept screaming and ongoing stabbing her. 

I was so tired of her. I was so tired of her shit. 

I killed someone who wouldn't stop touching me,  wouldn't stop stalking me,  and wouldn't leave me alone. 

I was only trying to maintain myself,  but she had her circle. 

I felt tormented,  and I felt like I was trapped. 

I just needed a damn break. 

I hated school,  I hated her. 

I can't stop feeling so tired,  and she should have just layed off of me. 

I couldn't help myself,  I really hate her. 

I'm not sorry that I killed her. 

I'm covered in bruises,  and cut's.

I am sitting in my bathtub crying my eye's out. 

I can't stop feeling so destructive,  I just feel so lost. 

I never gotten so angry,  I never got to upset that I took a knife out and stabbed her to death. 

I couldn't stop myself,  I am dangerous. 

So here I am sitting in my bathtub crying,  covered in cut's and bruises. 

I just killed someone,  and I feel better. 

But she wouldn't leave me be,  so I did what my heart told me to do,  I beat the bitches ass,  then I stabbed her to death. 

So I am not sorry, not sorry I hated someone that was so stupid,  selfish and ignorant.  

I am just pure dark,  pure demonic,  and I am so glad that she's dead. 


  • Dc Small

    Dc Small

    too morbid

    Apr 11, 2019

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