I'm A Horror Read Count : 19

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I'm crazy,  I'm deadly,  I'm toxic. 

I'm a crazy bitch. 

I make my own storm's,  and I am a monster. 

A demonic destruction . 

I'm not you're friend,  nor am I a enemy. 

I am a ghost,  a ghost that haunts. 

I am  a voice,  that will taunt you. 

I am a monster   that broke in your head. 

I am a mock,  and a mimick and it goes on forever in your mind. 

I am a horror,  a nightmare,  a deadly paradise. 

A black rose. 

I can read your thoughts,  I can create a spell. 

I can break your heart,  like a glass that shattered. 

I am pyscho,  and I plan to create a destruction. 

I'm restricted,  and I have  a label. 


  • Nina  Gebert

    Nina Gebert

    You have something, you just need some grammatical restructuring, spelling corrections and proper word formatting. I think with some minor adjustments your words will wield great power. 🦉👊

    Apr 11, 2019

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