Inlove With A Monster Read Count : 31

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I'm inlove. 

Inlove with a monster. 

I created in my own imagine. 

A imagine of a fantasy world where a monster that I created was my friend. 

I like to play with monsters,  I like to feel powered. 

I wanna create a loyal monster,  a demon. 

A spell that you can't break. 

A monster that can create storms and some heavy rain. 

I wanna feel a terror, a terror of monster love. 

I wanna build walls that noone can break in. 

I wanna disappear,  wanna fade. 

I want my monster to take me away. 

I'm a mess, I admit. 

I'm scary,  and evil. I wanna scare the world. 

I wanna flood earth,  and create murder. 

I'm a puppet,  a puppet under a spell. 

I'm terrible,  and I am anti_social. 

So don't talk to me,  don't try to be my friend. Or I'm gonna mess you up. 

Trap you under this deadly spell. Then we'll be trapped forever. 

Forever under the lane of hell. 


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