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Why,  have I let in the soul's of the demon's. 

Why am I so afraid. 

Afraid to speak,  afraid to let myself be loved. 

Why did they have to hurt me,  I feel bruised,  and I am that fragile. 

Why does my mouth go so dry,  and my heart feel's addicted to being in a world to myself. 

Why did I think it was gonna be okay. 

Why did I try,  why didn't I stop myself. 

I won't forgive myself,  and I am  a mess. 

A deadly mess.  I am scared that When I get mad,  I won't stop. 

I am not afraid to see blood. 

I am deadly. 

I feel so dead,  I feel like a ghost. 

I am unaware of what true love is. I been lied to. 

And I am not forgiving myself for letting someone in. 

I am dangerous,  I am a mess. 

I am just so mean to myself,  and I don't like children's. 

I don't want a kid.  I don't even want  a man.  

I just want dead,  I just want death. 

I don't want society,  I don't want help. 

I just want to live upside down... 

I'm a mess.  I admit that.  I am not safe. 

I am pure evil,  I am so mean. 

I make a mess,  and then I cover the mess up. 

I am noones friend.  I can't make friends. 

I'm a demon. I'm a tradegy. 

I'm unaware of the circumstances. I am inattentive.

I'm a monster.  I'm inlove with the dead. 

I was bullied.  And now I'm like a demon. 

I'm a frown,  I am not a smile. 

Why did I smile?

Ugh I hate myself.... 

I hate people,  because they hated on me first. 

I can't forgive them.  I'm sorrowful. I'm made unto a wreck. 

It's her fault.  That I'm made a mess. 

I just want her dead. 🙃

I'm not sorry for what she created,  I'm no longer gonna apologize for her mess. 

I'm just gonna defend myself,  get deadly. 

I'm tired of scrubbing floor's while being tormented. 

I'm gonna taunt people   flicker their light's. 

I'm a ghost,  let me hallicaute  let me easily possess. 

I'm possesive,  I'm jealous,  and I want to take souls. 

Let me create a storm,  and then be the deadly rain. 

Let me actually ruin happiness,  I am made a mess. 

Let me commit a murder,  then let me cover it up. 

I'm not sorry,  not sorry for your mess. 

Lie's be told,  I will no longer clean the mess you made. 

I will just throw you under  the damn bus. I'm tired of the baby goo goo talk. 

Let me throw you under the bus,  let you face karma. 

Let the storm's get rougher let me actually ruin your life,  I am so tired of little babies. 

I don't wanna see a barbie,  no I wanna throw you under that bus. 

I got tired   tired of the blasmerry,  tired of your face,  wanna throw your shoes at you. 


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