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I feel like I will tell myself no more often,  will reject allowing friend's back in. 

I feel afraid to speak,  afraid of the society. 

I feel like people want me to feel afraid,  try to put themselves in my life to take advantage of me. 

And then when they walk away,  they leave a mark. 

A monster within me,  It'll hold me,  won't let me go outside, won't let me play.  

It will make me feel like I'm trapped   Yeah I have demon's. 

I will wanna play with the kid's outside,  but I am afraid,  I am told no. 

I am threathened. 

I feel raped,  like I'm stuck in  a stupid cage. 

I feel like I am tormented,  told no that I can't talk with mom. 

So I cut,  but yet they can go tell everythang. 

But they wanna trap me in a cage. 

And threathen me under their spell. 

I feel raped,  I feel scared,  so I will just stay away. 

I don't wanna make friends,  I wanna hide away. 

This anxiety is killing me,  it is a monster within me. 

Word's won't escape,  I won't ask to play. 

Instead it'll force me to stay quiet,  and force me away. 

Society is a threat,  make no friends,  don't go play. 

Hide with me anxiety say's. 

Don't go play. And when I go play I am afraid,  afraid I will make  a mess. 

So let me just stay away. 


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