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I been studying writing. 

I been practicing,  and learning on my own. 

I am learning where to put the commas,  period's,  punctuations marks,  and some new skills. 

I was a mess. 

I couldn't hear,  I was struggling and I needed the most help. 

I was distracted,  bullied,  and I didn't get hardly any help. 

I was bullied for being hearing impairment,  laughed at,  mocked so yeah I failed. 

Life was just pretty unfair. 

So here I am striving. 

Learning again,  striving for the very best. 

I spent my class time in the library such a shame. 

School was ashame,  and the kid's were very mean. 

Loved trying to fight with me,  loved touching me,  loved harrasing me. 

Yeah I hated school,  that was my worst nightmare. 

Yeah school was a load of turd,  needed to be sued. 

So I am teaching my ownself since school allowed sexual harrass,  bully,  to take place. 

To be honest  I enjoy some peace,  and to write. 

I deserved happiness,  I didn't deserve putting up in a ridiculous fight. 

I was molested,  sexually assaulted,  forced and when I went to put in many report's. 

I felt ignored.  So I spend my entire education in the library. 

I felt peace,  and I had happiness I deserved in there. 

I deserved to be respected, instead their bad behavior got a reward. 

They got candy,  and many pathetic rewards 

They didn't think they looked like they would say,  or do those type of things. 

Well they did. They did gone did. 

Even when they admit that they did those things and had me feeling molested,  yet they still got rewarded. 

I felt drowned,  and lost  and sick to my stomach. 

I hated school,  and I felt molested,  forced and sexually harassed. 

I felt tired,  I felt like I wanted to commit suicide. 

Yet they wanna reward disgusting behavior,  wanna ignore the reports. 

Wanna believe in lie's,  manipulate me,  and rub finger's on me. 

I hated school,  I hated the classes. 

I didn't learn,  to busy being distracted. 


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