Got In A Fight With The Phone Read Count : 21

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Roll's all over the place punching the phone down the hill  🙃

Gets covered in bruises. 

Broke a tooth,  cries. 

Punches the phone really hard. 

I hate you phone,  I hate you fucking facebook. 

Phone replies; fuck you bitch. 

Punches the phone,  break's the screen,  the black ink pours down behind the screen. 

Take that besh,  now you bleeding. 

Kicks the phone's butt,  then jumps in the lake  🙃. 

It's moon besh,  jumps in the lake head first down 🤕💔

Hits a rock,  and splashes,  beats the hell out of phone in the lake. 

I'm kicking the phone's ass,  do you mind. 

A snake stick's it's head out of the lake  and it's face,  was like  😵 and it went back under the water just to quick. 

What?  I'm kicking the phone's ass,  besh.  🙃

Dives under water,  splashes,  and shouts it's moon besh. 


  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    oh my god this is amazing 😂

    Apr 10, 2019

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