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If I eat,  I will gain weight. 

If I don't eat I will still gain weight. 

So I don't eat, but then I still gain weight. 

I'm miserable,  ugh. 

I am so tired of my life. 

I get fat shamed,  bullied for unknown weight gain. 

Is it my fault. 

I will refuse to eat,  and will do anything to loose weight. 

I started cutting,  I wanna be a anxoria and never eat. 

I'm so tired of being shamed, is that my fault. 

I was put threw those terrible stage's in life. 

I try to make friends but I suffer. 

I am afraid to speak,  to eat,  to make friends. 

To be honest I have been shredding weight,  but I wanna loose more weight. 

So I continue to not eat,  and I will do anything to loose weight. 

Don't you dare try to be my friend. 

Don't even speak to me, I am far from perfection,  I am a total mess. 

I just hate my life. So I will do just about anything dangerous. 

I wanna stop being such a terrible wreck. 

I been put down throughout my entire life. 

I'm so use to having backstabbing friends,  so I will refuse to let back in. 

I will walk away from society,  and I will be in a happier place. 

Being with myself is a happier place. 

I am suffering in depression.  Suffering. 

It is breaking my heart,  it's making me feel terrible. 

And to  look at a magazine of a girl who gets to be so pretty,  make's me so jealous. 

I am being honest,  I wanna be very thin,  I want my life back. 

I wanna be happy,  normal,  wanted to make some friends. 

But I have a demon,  a demon that pulls me away from society. 

I wanted a boyfriend but I feel so weak,  unhappy,  so I will apart myself from remaining  in the society. 

I wanted friends and I wanted a boyfriend. 

People just ruined the society with negativness,  and they have to make life feel like a terrible place. 

They will backbite,  cheat,  lie,  steal your man,  beat you up,  break your heart. 

Oh how damaged I am because they built themselves up. 

So I will be within my own life,  I will hug my own venomous demon,  and I will be a toxic to myself. 

I am dangerous to my soul,  to my body and my own mind. 


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