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Is this love then I don’t want love.

I can’t explain my feeling because I have no words, just fake my smile to make you feel better

I want you to share  my unending sadness  but I want you to sleep peacefully

 I know you are fading away from my life but I don’t know, why I’m still having hope for us

I don’t want, but I vanished from your life taking with me all the blames but I  don’t know, why don't you stop me.

So many feelings and thoughts in my heart but I don’t know why I'm feeling nothing now, just emptiness that can't be filled by anyone but you. 

Come back, but I know it's falling to deaf ears

Is this love, then I don’t want love.  


  • I can relate to your poem well. But "not wanting love for the matter of bothering the one you love, will only bother them if they don't love you. If they love you, they will be understanding to your feelings, and shall help you when feeling the way you are. Through start to end, love is real love when it doesn't fade.

    Apr 10, 2019

  • Apr 10, 2019

  • Apr 10, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    A failed love experience doesn’t mean Love has disappeared- There’s always a chance for love starting by looking inward to de why one hands on to a one sided situation It’s our there but it also takes patience

    Apr 10, 2019

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