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You can be whatever you want. 

You can be gay,  bisexual,  lesbian. 

You can love satan,  be atheist,  I am not gonna hate you 

I am not gonna judge you. 

But I still would like for you to treat me the same. 

I don't hate noone,  but I will start hating someone who treats me negatively. 

I am actually okay with you. 

But please remember you would only be judged for your  action's.  

 I don't mind who you are,  whether you are a satanists,  atheist you can forever be my  friend. 

Just don't judge me for believing in a God 

Let's be even,  with one another. 

I just wanted to build some  peace. 

I don't care what you believe in,  but I do care if I start feeling treated poorly. 

I never cared about your beliefs,  I never judged you for that. 

I just don't like when someone who treats me like trash.  


  • Apr 10, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres


    Apr 10, 2019

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