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For all the people I have lost 
Throughout these many years
Both family and friends are gone
I’ve shed my share of tears

I choose to recall memories 
Of  all the great times had
That quality ingrained in me
I brush away the sad

It’s true the memories are bittersweet 
As they would have to be
But focus aimed with strong resolve 
The brightness is what I see

From this l’m getting unexpected pleasure 
This experience rare to me
It’s something that I really treasure 
That too a raraty 

Happiness and quality is what I have today 
Intertwined with issues that I deal with every day
This magnifies the balance that’s part
of life itself 
My goal is keeping the balance tipped 
with those issues low on the shelf

“It’s never to old to old to learn”
is common phrase
It really made an impact on me
To  recall those cherished days 

It’s just more ammunition 
For fighting off the blues
With this newfound weapon
I can win more than I lose


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