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He was a backstabbing foe 

He was a liar 

He used God to fool people 

He will aways question people I am a pastor don't you trust me?

And when he says that he will cheat you unto lie's. 

He'll have the whole church against you. 

And because they believe that he is man of God they put him before God . 

They would even put him before their own child's sake. 

He will cheat you,  he will lie,  and oh how he will never admit those lie's. 

He believes in those lie's. 

He is delusional 

And he is a cheat and a fraud. 

Never trust a pastor. And when he gives you the word choose God before him..

He could still be the deceptive liar,  a fraud. 

He is a powerful man,  a powerful man of his lie's. 

He is suppose to be a soul saving rev.  pastor and preacher but instead he will scam you,  lie to you,  put himself before God. 

He has so much money in his bank,  and he can't pay back what he should pay us back. 

Since we won in court,  we heard from people he worked with that he has so much money in the bank,  everyone hates him. 

He didn't believe we deserved water,  had the electricity cut off on us. 

He treated us like trash. 

He lied and accused us of being unappreciated,  when he didn't do anything to have us appreciated. 

Didn't appreciate the things I did for his step father. 

He  is  a selfish man 

And when we asked a man to ask him if he could put in a new water tank,  he replied no they messed up the water. 

He went about accusing us to the landlord his stepfather that we weren't paying the rent,  he and his lying wife. 

When we kept the recites. 

He still continues to live in his narcissist lie's. 

He is no man of God. 

He is a liar. 

He told a friend of mine that we only paid him 400 when really the rent was first 600 then to 500 

He isn't the landlord,  his stepfather is. 

He went off with his stepfathers rent money. 

He was suppose to be giving it to him. 

He Lied to his stepfather accusing us of not paying the rent. 

He put a thing on the water thing after unplugging so we couldn't have water,  then he messed up the pump. 

He is a selfish man to be remembered.. A scam,  a liar,  and a thief. 

He is a fool,  a hypocrite. 

He will backstabber you and spread his tongue of lie's to the whole church. 

He will believe in those lie's. 

And he will read the bible to the church. 

Yeah the liar loves the bible. 

He can preach really good,  but he is the liar 

His church feel beautiful but yet his tentions are to lie,  and tear soul's apart. 

He is the thief. The soul breaker. 

He is a devil himself 


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