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I am so thirsty can I have a glass of water?
The man asked with a sad frown he saw a gold crown  on his head if you admit you were wrong
Cannot do what has been done to our 
brothers and sisters all the misters will
bring disasters you can now thank your
masters, you shall be thrown in chambers 
your punishment awaits go and undo what you have done there shall be no more fun
I’m the sun I will compromise and promise to be good.
Ten Commandments were broke while your bones were broken I have spoken I will bring back the days of tomorrow.
I will give you a map In your lap
To guide you on your journey through 
the gardens of eden ,
Will you walk with me? will you trust me with your life? the man that’s upstairs said,
you will soon get a gold spoon put in your hand then the bands will start playing music you will hear in your ears to let you know you are near do not fear the tears in your eyes for I have a surprise when you reach the other side it will be hidden in dsquse  you will know it when you find it.
Be blessed but they are coming drowning in ships one sorrows, with arrows and spears. you have discovered a gift can’t you see me now? Believe in me? when I say what is real I feel the enchanted words with swords that you give me you put a pen in my hand to write. Will you bring me fame? I came to you in your dreams did you see me in your visions  I had for you in your future? I am a great teacher of life.
With all your crisis you are priceless while the useless badtards are masters in disquse. In your eyes good for nothing lazy bumbs I’ll give you bread crumbs that’s what you all deserve I don’t wish your kind to serve me until you look  the ones you have used in the eyes for there forgiveness. Now bow down bitch get what you deserve you put me through  hell
over the years. Now you have to face what you have done to others and the list goes on and on, For all those eyes to see what you have done. you shall bleed in your lying heart you will become blind you put me in darkness through all those years.  I place gold coins upon your feet have a seat you can’t touch those gold coins because I will brake your hands and cut off your feet.
I place wolves on the ground for your protection against all evil I wouldn’t even send you to my worst enemy the devil don’t even want your kind. With all those lies you told and the things you did to people there will be a story to be told while you stold from the needy and sold there things for money they will become rich and famous one day and you will be a disgrace and a tragedy in your own life I shall through allies of friends for you and your daughter family and friends for protection. 
I’ll place gold coins in your hands while the prison  remains with trash there’s a dead body filled with blood out lined for the monstes body will be waiting for him on  the streets. You guys were so sweet to him he thought he was really meet. Now he’s going to face his worst night mare where you mess you my children. You will be safe I will protect you from all enemies that try to hurt you! 


  • Beautiful

    Apr 09, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Great writing 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Apr 09, 2019

  • Apr 10, 2019

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