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It is gratifying to read about transition
of outlooks  from hopeless to hopeful 
To see darkness change to a glimmer of light turning into the glow of optimism 

It requires courage - strength and often
desperation to break the binding chains
of depression 

It can occur when faith combines with a methodology of self-awareness- support and as I’ve witnessed-writing 
and sharing 

We at WO have become  a small but 
valuable part of each other’s lives 
That is the beauty of communication 

Through this process I have been given 
immeasurable help and support from 
members and in turn tried to offer it to them

The result magnifies what  is possible when people reach out 
There are still many of us grappling with
brutal issues 

Whether these noble efforts can impact 
them is uncertain 
But the ability to try is evident in what I have read and wittnesed 

When one person’s life is enriched
All our lives  all our lives become a little better   
I’d like to think that defines
Writer’s Outlet 


  • PrimaPri  Waters

    PrimaPri Waters


    Apr 09, 2019

  • Very well put.

    Apr 10, 2019

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