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Here I am home alone on a Tuesday morning with my dog Caesar. This whole time he's been laying with me on my bed let me tell you he's switch sleeping positions more than 1000 times. He's half lab and half pit (which is a laboratory and Pitbull) and his full body is black but on his stomach and his paws he has white, the back of his paws. he's kind of a big dog not huge he sleeps with me sometimes he likes to crawl where I'm laying and make me move out of the way and I guess he's the only thing I the world that I know understands me the, only person in the world I can really express my feelings to, tell him everything about my terrible life but whatever. with my mom, she told me to make noodles and drink the juice, I do not necessarily have to eat the noodles, yeah, and after that, she asked me if I could do the dishes because my brother didn't finish them, I'm gonna do them since I am lonely. after that, I'm gonna come back, lay down for a few minutes, probably just stare out my window as they usually do. I'm gonna look at the floor and get up, I only have a few things on my floor, but everything from my desk, my nightstand, technically fell out, so I have to clear that out after that, I guess I'm just gonna clean out of boredom, just cleaned the whole house, I know that's what my mom wants me to do, anyways, I was supposed to do it, but whatever after that, I guess I'm just gonna go back to sleep, my mom promised me ice cream if I did the rest of the dishes, and I don't think she is cause every time she promised that she does it I'm used to it by this point. I'm just gonna wait, maybe she will get it, maybe she won't I don't know. Nope, that's gonna be my day cleaning and sleeping.


  • Apr 10, 2019

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