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The realisation of gender

It's 12.30 in noon and there are five missed calls already . The sun is shining brightly outside the apartment but due to the black curtains which is especially chosen for Sunday late morning is not letting the rays of sun getting in.  Nick wakes up now at 12.35 just to make sure he gets the morning view of boys playing cricket on the ground of the colony . The Colony name was Arora colony which is huge in size and was an idle short time residence for people coming from different small towns to city for new hopes and dreams and it was also suitable for students who come for studying in city colleges . 

Nick was 35 one of those students too who completed his engineering from the city college and after completing his studies he fell in love with the city so he started his job there as well. He got good jobs in his own city as well and was forced by the parents to work and live near them in the same city but he had something else in mind .

Nick was in mid thirties and was an independent guy who worked in a multinational company and had many friends with whom he liked to party and hangout after work . Nick had a girlfriend too he name was Radhika but she was called Ra by all her friends as it was a cute name given by Nick to her . Nick was very loving and caring in nature . His circle of friends consisted more number of female than male . 

Today Nick woke up late as he had late night party with his friends . He woke up and made a wonderful healthy breakfast for himself and then went for the balcony again with a coffee this time. He always found time to watch the boys play cricket on the ground but he was most happy when he saw Dhruv play . Dhruv was a new engineering student in the city he was living on rent with his friends . On every alternate Sunday they use to play cricket or football with friends . Nick saw them and was very happy to them play. Then at this time there was a knock on the door and Nick went to open it . He saw his girlfriend Ra there standing with packet in her hand which contained mostly Vegetables and grocery.

 Ra(Radhika) use to come and live with him on sunday with Nick so she can cook for him and they could have more time together. Ra came in quietly and went to kitchen without even talking to Nick it seemed that she was very angry on Nick . Nick went to kitchen and asked her what's wrong she did not answer and was continuing to make breakfast for Nick . Nick asked he again but this time he was very eager to get the answer . Then at last Radhika started crying and asked Nick that what's wrong in her and asked him that does he truly  love her or not. Then Nick answered in a confused voice yes he loves her and went away to have a bath . Radhika was not satisfied with his answer and she wiped her tears and started making breakfast. After Nick came out from bathroom she sat down with him on the dining table and confronted him . She demanded some answers.

Radhika and Nick has been in a relationship for five months now still they were not physically connected with each other . Nick did care and loved her but did not have the sexual relationship with her yet . Radhika was very worried and she started to doubt herself and thought there might be something wrong with her or she might not be that beautiful that Nick is not interested to have sex with her as yet.

Nick was very confused at first than as usual he told her that there is nothing wrong and told her he loves her a lot but he is not ready for the physical relationship. Just after saying that he wanted to change the topic and said that we should go for a movie and then shopping and hence tried to change Radhika's mood.

Nick and Radhika then after having breakfast went for a movie to near city centre mall. After driving for half an hour they reached and they went to buy the tickets for the new movie then at the counter there was little quarrel between them as  Radhika wanted to watch the latest action movie but Nick wanted to watch the new love story about two elderly gay men

At last Nick did listen to Radhika as he wanted her to be happy.

At the movie Radhika was seemed to be very happy as the hero of the movie was her favourite actor and she liked action movies but Nick was thinking about the movie which he wanted to see.

Just after the movie was finished when the came out for shopping Nick and Ra met Dhruv . Radhika knew Dhruv as he was her cousin and Radhika introduced him to Nick and Nick was very happy to meet him. As soon Dhruv was about to leave them Nick suggested that they have coffee together then they went for a coffee together . 

Today Radhika saw very strange behaviour of Nick cause this was the first time Nick actually invited her relative for a coffee usually Nick always avoided her her family and friends but today Nick was very friendly and talkative . He tried very hard today to impress Dhruv . He bought him coffee and snacks and also said that of he needs any help in the city he would help him as he was new in city . Nick and Dhruv exchanged Thier numbers and went Thier ways . 

After going home in evening Radhika wanted to make coffee for Nick but asked her leave as it was very late and her parents would be worried . Radhika did wanted to leave and asked to stay for few minutes. Nick wanted Radhika to leave but she did not leave so he became bit upset about it then he sat on the couch and watched the daily web series and Radhika started to come near him. The evening was very romantic and Radhika wanted to be in Nick's arms . As she started to lift his hand and put it on her shoulder Nick stopped her and said he is watching something important . Radhika did not loose hope then she started to sleep in his lap but Nick like always said he is busy and do not try to get cosy and close as he is not ready . Radhika was very furious and sad by his words she started crying and said that she wants to be in a proper relationship. She started to ask is there any problems with her that's why Nick doesn't give any attention to her or is there any other girl he is still love with. Nick just said the same thing that he is not ready and doesn't want to take the relationship to a physical level. But Nick was very adamant about it and told her he is still not ready. Radhika asked him that what is wrong cause it has been three months of relationship but still they have only kissed . Nick ignored her questions and told her it's very late and she should leave. Radhika's ego was hurt and she went home and when Nick asked her that he should drop her home she said there is no need for that and she can manage by herself. Radhika left and booked a taxi for her home 

 On the way Radhika had tears in her eyes and was thinking about what wrong in the relationship she remembered the first month of Thier relationship where Nick did not get cosy or demanded physical relationship she was very happy about it as he was not like other boys who just want start having sex at starting of the relationship but now it has been three months but he still ignores her and doesn't want to get cosy or close. Radhika had now many questions inherit mind and doubts as well and was traveling towards her home. Nick was very relaxed as Radhika left . He immediately took out his phone and checked his WhatsApp and searched his contacts and quickly became disappointed . He was searching for Dhruv's number but he did not have WhatsApp activated on the number he gave. Nick was very unhappy about it and then he made a drink for himself and sat in the couch for a moment and waited for the drink to finish . Perhaps he was drinking to have courage to call Dhruv and ask his WhatsApp number . He then finished his drink and called drink and waited for a long time and had another drink . It took him long time and 7 drinks to have courage to call  and now it was 10.30 at night and he still took out his phone and searched for Dhruv's number and called him it was a long ring but unfortunately it did not connect . Nick again become disappointed and put down his phone . Within few sec Dhruv called back and he saw his name on his phone . Today Nick realised it's takes a 7 drinks and courage to call someone unknown but it takes lot of courage to pick the phone e of a person whom he called . Still Nick picked up his phone and Dhruv's asked who was this . Nick said it was her cousin boyfriend Nick and Dhruv took time to understand whom he was talking to as he did not save his number in hurry and was in a party with loud music .

But Dhruv quickly realised it was Nick as he was highly impressed by his hospitality when they met earlier. Nick asked him that he has some old notes and practical files which he can use in his engineering classes and Dhruv was happy to hear about the help he was getting from Nick but was confused as it was very late to call to give this information and he could have called in daytime . Nick after this asked his whatsapp number and Dhruv said he will just text him his number and he said he was bit busy now she will text a bit later and he said thanks for your concern and both said bye and hunged up. After the call Nick was very happy and excited he waited for Dhruv to text back .Nick never was so happy and was eagerly waiting for the text . He waited for next half an hour for the text and good worried that he might have done something awkward that's why Dhruv did not text as yet . He thought that he has called so late so might have got angry and he also became embarrassed . As he was about to shut the lights off to go to sleep with hopes and happiness shattered and with the feeling of embarrassment he heard a ping on his mobile and he saw a text with a new number on his whatsapp which said "sorry I was in party but that thanks for your concern and will look forward to the notes and his help -dhruv". By this time Nick became very happy and all the feeling of embarrassment was turned into joy. He went to bed after this but before going to bed he took the screenshot of dhruv's profile picture and slept in satisfaction.

Nick was actually gay and that was the real reason he did not wanted to stay in his small city where people think bad about gay and it's community . He only made Radhika his girlfriend  so he can get a room in the apartment as gay were not allowed to stay in those apartments as the committee members of the colony were bit old fashioned and they were against gay community.

Nick realised that he was gay when he was in class ten he understood that he doesn't have feelings for girls but was more interested in take care of himself and woman clothing and was fascinated by handsome and strong boys . He had a crush on school captain  who was tall and handsome and was always very facinated by his behaviour towards him. Nick was very shy during those days but was scared as well to say anyone about his feelings as he was very scared of his dad who was in military . He feared that if he says anyone about his feelings he will be neglected and hated by his parents as gay are not always appreciated by family members and society. He only made Radhika his girlfriend cause his parents don't think he is gay and to save himself from the suspicion of his family and friends.

Next day Nick woke up and first thing he did was sending Dhruv a text of good morning and then started getting ready for the office . While he cooked breakfast and ironed his clothes he only concentrated on his phone . He was waiting for dhruv to wake up and reply.

He got ready and went to office and as he was driving he got a text from Dhruv which read Good morning with a smile .now Nick was very happy cause that little text made his day and now all he was thinking what he should write next . He then simply wrote have a nice day and then concentrated on the road as there was lot of traffic . Nick reached his office and started to work . He was working and eagerly waiting for Dhruv's text and there was again a text from Dhruv that he have a good day too. 

Nick was very happy and had a smile that whole day.

Now Nick was thinking what to say next . Then suddenly there was a text from Dhruv . It said that he would like to meet him in the coffee shop in the city centre. Nick was very happy with the text he immediately fixed the meeting with Dhruv for the next day evening and Dhruv also confirmed it . Nick after the office went for a little shopping and bought nice dress and very expensive perfume . He was very excited for the meeting . Next day after office Nick went home immediately to get ready for the meeting . Nick was very well dressed and he also made sure by his new perfume that he smells good . Nick went to the city centre and reached on the time but Dhruv was already there waiting for him in the coffee shop perhaps he was also excited for the meeting . Nick met Dhruv and greeted him with a firm handshake and a hug after that . Dhruv did not mind this gesture and greeted him the same way . Nick started ask how was he and how was his day Dhruv said he was good and his day good as he was excited to meet Nick the whole day . Hearing this Nick felt really good and asked him why he was wanting to meet him to this Dhruv said his exams were approaching and wanted to take notes from Nick and it was very important for him as these notes would really help him . Nick quickly agreed to Dhruv's request and noted down for what subjects he wanted notes for . Dhruv made the order of black coffee and asked what he would like and Nick also ordered the same and when waiter asked would they like sugar and both said they don't like sugar with black coffee and both were smiled at eachother and said we both have same taste. Then after coffee Dhruv said he was very thankful for his help and would really like to repay him with a good treat . Nick said he was also very happy to help him and then both left the city centre and went to the colony .

Reaching the colony both of them said good bye to each other and went home. Just after reaching home Nick got a text from Dhruv that he again wanted to thank him for his help to which Nick replied that there is no problem he can always help him is every way. So in the evening Nick gathered all his old notes and asked Dhruv to come to his house to pick them up . Dhruv was very well dressed for a small meeting and came in with a pizza . He was welcomed by Nick and they both sat in the living room and Nick asked Dhruv why he brought pizza to this he said that is was just an appreciation for helping him with the notes . Nick said it was not needed he said he was only helping him as he liked him and he paused for a moment as Dhruv looked at him very surprised and he then he said as a friend with a smile . Dhruv and Nick had the pizza then Dhruv took the notes and went home . Nick then continued to clean the house suddenly he gat a call from Radhika and he started chatting with her . Radhika was worried as they did not speak for a long time but Nick said he was having lot of work at office and her cousin Dhruv also made him busy by asking for his notes so Radhika asked did he help him to which he said yes I did and ten Radhika was about to say something then she was interrupted by Nick and he continued to talk about Dhruv that he has a very gentle and well spoken person and he was very thankful about the notes that he even bought him pizza hearing this Radhika said in a sad voice that they never had any romantic evening and she suggested that they both should meet and have some romantic time together but Nick had something else in mind he said that we should have a good enjoyment in upcoming Sunday and he said we should go for an amusement park and in end he said that even they should take Dhruv with them too but Radhika said that she wanted only two of them but Nick said that Dhruv studies all day and he being new in the city he should get some relief from studies as well and after all he was her cousin so she should also think about him so Radhika in a sad voice replied yes to Nick but Radhika was very disappointed by Nick non romantic behaviour nd Nick asked Radhika to ask Dhruv about it to this she said ok sh would try so Nick asked her to call Dhruv to confirm Thier meeting on Sunday. Radhika hanged the call with a sad voice ok dear love you but Nick replied with a enthusiastic voice love you too. 

Radhika called Dhruv and asked him to come on Sunday to amusement park but Dhruv said no he was very busy and he had to study then Radhika was bit happy to hear about it but she said it's ok and she said I will give your massage to Nick that you cannot come but listening to this Dhruv immediately changed his mind and said that he would love to come and Radhika became very confused about it and asked what about his studies now but Dhruv replied that he needed some relaxation from so much study and agreed to come . Radhika said ok and see you on Sunday and disconnected the call but as soon she disconnected she was confused about both of the guys behaviour but she did not notice something strange she thought they might be very good friends now and did not worry about it and callef Nick and confirmed about the sunday get together and asked Nick that after amusement park they both could go home and enjoy a nice dinner with a wine but Nick was thinking about the meeting with Dhruv and in excitement he said yes and Radhika was very happy about it and said she will be ready in sunday and will be looking forward to the romantic dinner and Nick said ok and they both disconnected the call.

It was Sunday morning and Nick was just awake and was having his coffee in his balcony and was looking at boys play cricket and was searching for Dhruv but today he did not come to play but Nick was still waiting . Suddenly Nick gets a text from Dhruv . He wished him good morning and said he was getting ready for the amusement park and there was another text as well from Radhika where she wished Nick a lovely good morning and said to get ready and pick her up at 10 and Nick realised he was running late so he immediately got ready and started his car and went to pick Radhika 

He picked up Radhika and as she was going to enter the car she saw that Dhruv was sitting right in front with Nick and she was quite sad to see that cause in every trip she sat right beside Nick now Radhika was sitting behind and listening to Nick and Dhruv about their likes and dislikes it seemed that she was the third wheel in the whole trip . The time and the journey went by and they reached their destination and Nick bought the tickets to the amusement park and they all went inside and here still the situation was same only Nick and Dhruv were talking to each other and enjoying the rides by sitting together but poor Radhika was just sitting behind them in all the rides and wondering what's wrong . 

It took lot of rides for Radhika to understand that there is really something wrong with Nick.  She wanted to clear out everything and then after couple of rides she suggested that they should stop and get a coffee as it was already evening.  Looking at the time Dhruv said it was the most happiest day of his life and he did not see how time went by so fast abs Nick also replied that this was his happiest day too.

Listening to this Radhika was bit sad and shocked as Nick never said anything such to her.

They went to take coffee and as Nick was about to order coffee Radhika interrupted and said that they should drink what she orders as it was her idea to have a coffee and she made the order of two cold coffee  and to this Nick asked why two we are three people to this Radhika said that you both love birds will drink in same cup with two straws and Nick and Dhruv laughed at her joke but Dhruv instantly said ok we don't have any problem we can share and Nick also agreed . Listening to this Radhika said I will see how you guys drink in same cup. The coffee came and Radhika took a sip of her coffee and said in a witty manner that it's very tasty and pointed they at their cup but Dhruv and Nick did not hesitate and started drinking and they both were looking at each other eyes very deeply like two very old separated lovers . Looking at this Radhika bursts into laughter and said that you should look how ridiculous you guys look drinking from same cup and then she said something which made the situation more awkward and said that they both looked like gays. Nick was very normal at this point but Dhruv was very angry and said that even gays have feelings and its not wise to say someone like that. Dhruv was very furious and asked that he wanted to go from this place and wanted to go home. 

So the evening was ruined and all of them started to go home . Radhika wanted to get down first so Nick dropped her first and continued to drive with Dhruv.  Dhruv did not talk to anyone after the incident at the coffee shop . Then Nick said that radhuka was just kidding she was not serious about what she said but Dhruv remained quite . After a long wait Dhruv finally broke the silence and said something which shocked Nick.  Dhruv said that he was gay and then he started crying . Nick immediately stopped the car by the side of the road and asked Dhruv to calm down . Dhruv said he was gay from a long time and he realized this fact when he was in high school and asked not to disclose this secret to anyone and Dhruv also said this to Nick that this was the reason he was angry at the coffee shop and he cannot share this secret with Radhika as she might tell the family .

Nick asked Dhruv to calm down and said it's ok if he is gay and not to cry . It's very natural thing so he doesn't have to worry and Nick asked to Dhruv to come over to his place as they can discuss this over a coffee and this time he said with a smile that Dhruv wont be sad as Nick wanted to say something to him as well.


So the journey was over and both of them arrived the colony and Nick came out of the car and asked Dhruv to wait so he can lock the doors but as soon Nick was about to lock the door he found there was Mobile in the back seat of the car and it was small extra mobile which Radhika had for emergencies in case if her smart phones battery dies . Nick took the phone in his pocket and went to the lift.

Dhruv in lift asked Nick what is was that he wanted to say to him to this Nick replied that he should wait we shall discuss this over a nice coffee .they went inside the flat and Nick asked Dhruv to sit on the couch as he prepares coffee . Dhruv impatiently said no he wants to know what Nick had to say perhaps  Dhruv was scared that Nick would tell his secret to Radhika.  But Nick said not to worry and relax and he will be just back. After few minutes Nick cam with a two coffee and gave one to Dhruv and sat down and Nick touched his cup with Dhruvs cup and said cheers and to this Dhruv said what are we celebrating. To this question Nick took a long pause and said in a serious voice that we both are same . Dhruv was bit confused and asked that what does he mean and Nick said we both have the same way of life . And Dhruv understood a little  but still he wanted to confirm that what Nick meant and asked Nick that is he gay as well. And Nick replied yes .

Dhruv took a sip of the coffee and started to laugh and then he said why he was joking. He said that you are in relationship with his cousin so how can he be gay and to this Nick replied that he realized his gender very late unlike him .

Now Dhruv was in shock and he was quiet for a long time and then he asked does Radhika know or any of your parents know and Nick replied no none of them know and then he asked why all of a sudden he told a such a big secret to him and to which Nick asked the same question to Dhruv why he trusted him Instead of his cousin with his secret and Dhruv said that he trust him and somehow he feels that he will be able to understand his problem and Dhruv asked why he told him his secret and Nick replied that first this is not a problem this is a choice of life and he should be proud of it and second he said his secret only to him cause he likes him . 

Dhruv asked was he serious about him and Nick said yes he was and both looked into each other's eyes for a long moment and Nick went ahead and kissed Dhruv. 

Just as they were kissing and they were in deep connection with other Dhruv stopped and asked what will happen if our families come to know about us and Nick said this is the first time he got a courage to face his life choice and live his own life the way he wants not by what the society wants and Dhruv hugged him and said thank you for making him understand that what he really wants in life and how he can be actually happy and they again kissed each other .

Just as they were kissing someone was watching them in shock and tears in eyes and that was none other than Radhika and she suddenly starts to claps and Nick and Dhruv stops kissing and she starts to shout at Nick why he did this to her and why he didn't tell her before that he was gay and Nick was quite and Dhruv tried to calm down Radhika and she said him to shut up and don't talk to me . She then said that she understood that something was wrong that's why she left her other mobile in the back of the car while she was in call with that phone by her other phone so she could hear their conversations and she says to Nick that he wanted her time and played with her emotions and she then she goes away in tears .

Nick tried to stop her but she told him to stay away as she now understood why there was a lot of problems in their relationship and why he was never intrested to have a close relationship.  And before leaving she said Nick was coward and he was just using her to hide his real identity.  And he should be able to accept that he us gay instead of hiding

Nick was very hurt by her words and there was a lot of shouting so the whole floor in his building was listening to the conversation and now every one knew he was gay . Dhruv was standing near the door and was in tears as now his secret was no longer a secret and Nick turned towards Dhruv to console him but Dhruv wanted to go home and asked Nick not to talk to him and he left.

Nick was now all alone and was in grief.  He understood that he has lied to Radhika and everyone and today he paid the price by losing someone whom he actually wanted to be with by accepting his true identity. Dhruv went home and was in tears and suddenly at night he got a call from his dad that he needs to come as soon as possible  . Radhika told her mother about Dhruv being gay and her mother told Dhruv's parents . Dhruv was now scared and packed his bags for 5he next day and left early morning. 

Nick wanted to to confront and ask for forgiveness from Dhruv so he went in morning to Dhruv's room but by the time he reached he was already gone . Nick was very disappointed and sad by hearing from his Dhruv's friends that he was called by his parents to his hometown and he had to go.

Nick came back to his home and sat on the chair in his balcony for a long time . He did not even went to his office that day and started drinking in the evening  and because of his grief he had little tears in his eyes . Nick realized that he should have accepted his true identity  long back instead of lying to everyone  . Nick wanted to solve his mistakes but he had no where to go as he did not know where Dhruv lived and Radhika blocked him from calls and she was not ready to meet him.

So Nick started his car and went to place where he first started lying and went to his parents home to confront them . Nick was little drunk but still decided to drive to his parents home . It took him 5 hrs long drive to reach his parents home . It was eleven o clock at night and he reached his parents home and started to drink in the car so he could face them as he knew it was not possible for him to tell the truth he lacked courage.  Finally he was ready to face his parents  and came out of the car and rang the door bell . His mother opened the door and she was very happy to see he son after a long time so she hugged him but quickly became angry and scolded and he was stinking of liquor.  His dad came out of the room to meet his son and without listening to his mom he said to stop shouting as his son came after a long time and it's not wise to shout at him and his mom told his dad that he is drunk and he drove all the way in this condition  to meet us . His dad was now angry too but he more worried about what was so important that he wanted to drive so long to meet then at this time of night in a drunk condition.  He asked Nick to sit down but Nick said that there was something important that he wanted to and wanted their forgiveness after what he say to them . His dad said that he should rest for now but Nick was in tears and wanted to talk to his parents.  Looking at the tears of son his mother also started to cry but Nick's dad asked her to be quiet and let her son speak . Nick continued to talk and asked for forgiveness and said that after what he is going to say he wanted them to be accept him . And even if they dont accept him they will always be his parents and he will always love them . His mother was now more worried and asked tell her what is it so important and why he says such harsh words and she said no matter what happens you will always be our son . So Nick finally revealed that he was gay . Listening to his words his parents were in shock and his dad did not say anything and stood up and closed the door and both Nick and his mother were scared that what would happen next cause this was a harsh truth for a parents from small town . Nick understood from the silence in his house that they won't accept him and he said that he wanted to leave but Nick's dad kept his calm and asked his mom to give Nick something to eat and asked Nick to sleep and not to go anywhere and he went to his room and Nick looked at his mother who was still crying and he tried to calm her down but she asked that he should sleep as she needs to check her dad cause he was in shock too by listening to his words . So everyone left for their room . 

At Nick's home this was the condition  but at Dhruv's house the situation was different  . His dad slapped him and his mother was crying the corner as his dad instructed everyone in the not to intervene.  His dad was very angry and he slapped Dhruv so hard that his mouth was bleeding as was asking is he really gay . Radhika and his mother were called by his dad to make sure that what her mom said was all true or not . Radhika with her mother entered and saw the condition of Dhruv with his mouth bleeding and his dad in anger . Radhika quickly realized her mistake of telling her mother cause it was because of her mistake Dhruv had to face such situations.  Radhika quickly asked her mother to stop Dhruv's dad and her mother and other family members tried to stop his dad and asked him to calm down as it was night time and not to create scene so every one went back to their room to sleep. But before going to the room Dhruv's dad asked not to give food to him and let him be realise that it's bad choice of life .

Radhika could not sleep that night and she went to the kitchen and took food and went to Dhruv's room to give him food . Radhika opened the door and entered and saw that Dhruv was still awake and crying  and she gave him the food and asked for forgiveness  that she has caused lot of problems but Dhruv did not eat the food or said anything.  She asked for forgiveness again but now Dhruv asked her leave . Radhika left by saying that she was really ashamed of what she did and she really wanted his forgiveness. 

Radhika went to her room and she understood that Nick has been lying for so long but she created problems for Dhruv she really made a big mistake .she did not sleep that night and the whole night she was just thinking what she can do to fix this situation 

The next day came and in Nick's house everything was still calm except for his mother who woke up early to make tea . She was crying in the kitchen for a long time and Nick's dad heard her and came to the kitchen . He asked her to make tea for Nick as well then finally his mother shattered and started to cry loudly and asked his dad to say something to his son about his choices.  Hearing his mother cry Nick woke up and came close to the kitchen to hear what his mother was saying . Nick's dad finally said that it's our son's life he has full liberty to live the way he wants . He told his mother that she should be happy that her son care about his parents so much and he was hiding his emotions from us from so long so we cannot get hurt and he asked her imagine that a thought in his mind of losing his parents after he tells the truth made him drive for five hours in a drunk condition imagine what he would do if he don't accept him . After all he is our son and and being gay doesn't mean a bad thing it's all in the mind he has his life and he has his right to choose whom he loves but in the end of the day we will always love him and he will always be our son.

Nick heard the whole conversation and and had tears in his eyes and came and hugged his dad . His dad told him that he was fighting for the rights of the people who wants justice from indian constitution for abolishing 377 indian law of homosexual relationships.  As he was fighting for these people he listened to their stories and their pain of non acceptance from the society he wanted them to be equal and he wants his son not to feel ashamed for what he is . Nick hugged his dad and asked for forgiveness and his dad asked him to fell proud of who he is and asked him to to the rally which was being taken out by the people to support against the 377 law and accept homosexual relationships.  Nick quickly got ready and started from his home to the rally.

At Dhruv's house the condition was different . Radhika was not able to sleep that whole night and when the sun came up she went to Dhruv's room to check on him . Dhruv was not in bed but he was outside the room . She became worried and started looking for him and she heard a noise in the store room . She went inside to see the store room and there she saw Dhruv holding a rat poison in his hands . She was completely shocked to see this situation she quickly took the poison bottle and threw it away and asked Dhruv what he was doing  . He said that he was waiting for the morning to come so he could find the keys of the store room and finally kill his miserable life . Dhruv started to cry and Radhika hugged him and said that there nothing to worry about and told him that life is very precious and he should end it like this so easily.  He asked her what he should do . Radhika asked him to take a stand for himself and accept what he is and he should be proud of it . She asked for forgiveness and and said she was hurt that Nick was lying to her but she understood one more thing that even after a long relationship he never had sex with her and he always respected her and he was more of a best friend to her than boyfriend.  He than said to Dhruv that they both look good together.  Dhruv finally stopped crying and asked what he should do and then she said that first of all you should leave and go back to the apartment in the city and wait for the things to calm down and asked him not to worry as some day his parents would accept him the way he is . Dhruv took his clothes and the bag and left before his dad wakes up and said that he will be waiting for her at the bus stop .as soon Dhruv left his family woke up and his dad went to Dhruv's room to check on him but he did not find him there and started to shout and throw things and asked his driver to take out his car so he can look for him . Radhika was standing there and asked him to stop and Dhruv's dad looked at her and asked why and she took the poison bottle and gave it to his dad told him that if he brings him home forcefully this time then it will be sure that he will kill himself.  His dad asked what nonsense she was saying and she said that she stopped him from drinking poison in the morning while everyone were asleep and asked him to imagine what would have happened if he actually drank the poison.  His dad fell sat down near the stairs of his house and was in tears and asked her where is he son now . She replied that he is very far for  now but if you accept him as the way he is he will be near him but for now its better to leave him alone and let him fi d himself.  

Radhika packed he bags and started to leave and she was stopped by Dhruv's dad and he asked her convey a message to his son that he loves him a lot and he was only angry as could not handle the truth and asked for his forgiveness and to take care of her cousin in the city and Radhika left .

Not far from there Dhruv was standing near the bus stand and was little scared about the fact that his dad might came again but he turned and saw only Radhika coming and as she came near he asked anything happen again in the house and she replied nothing happened and conveyed his dad's message to him . He was not able to believe what he heard and thanked Radhika . But Radhika said dont thank him yet cause she has many things to fix still.

They got on the bus and left for the city.  Whole they were in the bus Radhika tried to call Nick many times but his phone was switched off as he forgot his phone at his parents home and he was driving to the rally . She got disappointed and started to scroll on her social media page and saw that there was big rally for the law 377 in the city and many were going to participate in the rally . She asked Dhruv that would he accept now what he is and whom he loves to which Dhruv said yes I am absolutely ready to accept my real self and Radhika said good then we shall start by going to the rall which was in the city . Just as they were talking Nick's car passed their bus but no one got to notice . 

They finally arrived at the rally where Nick was already there but it was very hard to find him as everyone were wearing face mask to cover their identities.  The rally started with slogans and the bill boards and Dhruv and Radhika were about to join the rall from their road as the rally would pass by . They both had mask on their faces . Dhruv asked Radhika why she wanted him to come here . Radhika replied that she knew Nick from a long time and if she is right he will be there in the rally and she going to make them together again.

Dhruv was very happy to hear this but when he saw the rally he was shocked as everyone wore mask and it was very hard for him to recognize anyone . Radhika quickly said his that this is the day he must accept who he is . Dhruv realized and went ahead and stood on the higher ground from where everyone in the rally could see him . He took off his mask and shouted proud and gay the whole rally got inspired by his actions and all of them started to remove their mask and Nick noticed everything and ran towards Dhruv and Dhruv also noticed him in the crowd and the mask were off and they both hugged each other and kissed and looked at Radhika and Nick said thanks to her and asked her to forgive him and she only stood there and smiled and left and they both looked at each other and said we are proud and we love each other . 



  • overall good plot. But try not to use the names too much. After introducing the characters for instance, you could use he or she? And if you introduce a third character, you did just fine by just keeping their name. People would assume he is nick, and she is Ra.

    Apr 09, 2019

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    Story Tell

    thanks for the feedback. will try to improvise

    Apr 09, 2019

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