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Please be with me,  I am dying slowly. 

Please be with me. 

I am so tired of killing myself. 

Please let me find peace,  I wanna be happy 

I am so tired of negative people treating me like trash for loving God. 

And hurting me. 

I wish they would back off me

I wanna live. 

I wanna be happy. 

Let me breathe 

I'm so tired of being in fights,  and being mocked for believing in God. 

I just wanna live.  Please put peace in me. 

They made me so negative like themselves and their killing me. 

Please help me angel. 

Before I end up killing myself. 

Their so negative, please heal me God. 

I'm so tired of being fed negative 

And being bullied for believing in God. 

Please help me

I just want to be happy  again 

I'm so tired of bein mocked,  laughed at,  tormented. 

I have feelings to,  it makes me suicidal and they shame me to the point I cut 

Cries -


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