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Sure, i might give some constructive critiques. But it's not to bash a writer, or to make them look incompetent. Everyone here loves delving into their imaginations. To put one's deepest emotions out so everyone can see, to connect is a great feeling of accomplishment. Letting one's imagination go wild, to paint words that allow the reader to picture stories in their mind is a great skill of an accomplished writer. But remember to proofread!! That's also a skill that a writer needs to develop. If one wants to take their writing passion to the next level, it can't have grammar mistakes. I have read a few pieces by people who posted. I have left some constructive critiques. I have seen that a lot of people who comment mostly comment on the topic written, not on the grammar. I only leave comments to HELP the writer get better. And remember....I don't want to be a troll!!!


  • thanks

    Apr 09, 2019

  • I get like that. We're still getting better in writing, and still it is a good thing that we do write. Writing is good for us.

    Apr 12, 2019

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