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I thank you God 

There is a peaceful place in this world 

Someone that isn't so negative 

I find peace watching the Star 

And watching out for shooting star's 

And watching the moonlight,  and if I wanted I could set out all night and gaze at the star's until the sunset comes out. 

Finding a place to set to myself and allow myself to heal 

I love the moonlight 

I love watching those star's 

They bring peace to my eye's 

They bring happiness and a beautiful light 

I adore the night sky 

I could lay out all night in the back yard on the ground and watch the stars all night long till the sunsets 

And just watch a star and think bout God and what heaven would be like. 

If I could meet my angel and see something exciting. 

Nature is full of many beautiful things 

I not like negatively,  please leave me be 

Positive please remain 

I am so tired of dying 


  • Apr 09, 2019

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