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God I thank you for letting me see the universe. 

The world may be at war 

But together we stand 

And when I die know theirs a better place 

Although I may be sensitive 

And I won't away be correct 

My mistakes,  I'm not perfect and AI wish people would please just stop judging me 

I wanted to live and to breathe 

I wanted to travel and see the world 

I wanted to learn in school and I am not smart I apologize

I wish that I could have learn but yet I know few 

So let me share what I do know 

I know I suffer and I get made fun of by some selfish people 

But I will breathe and when I die I won't have to suffer no more 

Let me tell you what I do know that the universe is precious. 

So mock me 


  • Apr 09, 2019

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