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We're quick to hold the media or artists responsible for perpetuating "beef" or disagreements within the industry, but does anyone ever stop to ask themselves, as fans, what are we doing? How are we effecting the cycle of "beef"? It seems to me that a million people throwing their 2 cents in every mix, just perpetuates the violence. Yes the artists and the media carry the responsibility of publishing the beef, but at some point the fans have to recognize the difference in what is done for publicity and what is done out of pure malace. Its one thing to put out a "diss track", but when the music turns to gun shots and people dieing, when does it stop? When do we stop? Why has the wish for one life to end over another become so acceptable, to the point of people posting it to social media? Where families and friends and anyone thats knows how to look up a hashtag can see it. Is the mask of a computer screen really so thick, to where we as a society no longer empathize for other human beings? Or where we can idiolize people, but not see the idol as a regular person? Yes public disagreements can unite and bring change for good reasons, but when do we understand that it can do just the opposite if we give focus to the wrong things? When will people recognize that not everything needs to be recorded or typed, not everything needs to be posted to social media and not everything that is posted needs to stay posted. Yes recording things can be helpful, yes posting them can prove a point and provoke change, but is it necessary to keep reposting a video of someone being murdered? Is it necessary for fans that dont even know an artists personally to wish death upon another person publicly. Again its one thing to think it, another to say it and another to post it to social media. Another issue I see or that I have is that when people try to offer support or condolences for the families and friends of the deceased, fans are quick to jump on them about their past grievances, instead of allowing them to be a human with feelings. Like they're not allowed to have feelings or offer condolences because they did something bad or worse in the past. These are just a few questions I ask myself. Do you fan responsibly?

[I cant find the article that gave me this idea, but when I do I'll add credits]


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