Big Damn Bully Read Count : 17

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Like to blow in people face 

Like anyone wants big damn bully breathe on them 

Oh they'll huff and they'll puff and they'll tear your life down 

Big damn bully reminds me of  a goat 🐐 

Because big damn bully likes to spit on me and raise a fist to me 

Well big damn bully please leave me be 

Also reminds me of a damn llama 

Well I try to be friends with the big damn bullies 

But they'll huff and they'll puff and their tear my life down 🙃 

So I beg please don't take my sandwhich. 

Please I beg. 

Mommy made me that. 

Please don't kick me up so far.  I pray 

Big damn bully leave me alone 

Or I'm huff and puff and blow you away 

And there won't be no more big damn bully around 

So that sandwhich is mine I say 

You're not getting the next big sammichies because it's gonna be filled with worm's and dog poop 

So away with you I say 


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